Wanting more young fishermen

What do you do when the numbers of coastal fishermen go down and recruitment is worryingly weak? Through the “Young coastal fishermen” project, the Royal Norwegian Society for Development has contributed to looking more closely at possible new solutions for a sustainable fishing industry in the Bømlo area and the surrounding region.

Project background

In coastal fishing, small depots receive their fish from the coastal fishermen’s boats. Both of these parties face challenges in several respects from rules and regulations. This affects, amongst other things, the profitability of the coastal fishermen and depot stations.

Coastal fishing from boats and depot stations are mutually dependent in order to maintain sustainable coastal fishing. There is currently an imbalance in this relationship, which has resulted in coastal fishermen sometimes being unable to deliver their catch to Bømlo. There is a potential to increase the volume of catch and deliveries of fish to Bømlo if the reception capacity can be increased in these periods.

About the project

The goal of the pre-project has been to organise the young coastal fishermen into a cooperative which can work for better control over the commercial chain, for increased knowledge and profitability within coastal fisheries and for a greater market focus by means of building brand recognition. The long-term goal is to increase recruitment to a sustainable coastal fishing industry and to give customers the fresh fish that they demand.

By putting more cooperation in place in the whole commercial chain on the one hand, and adapting to new market trends on the other, we can attain increased local wealth creation, assure existing workplaces and produce a coastal fishing industry that will provide positive future prospects and recruitment.

Our contribution and role

  • Project leader
  • Gain an overview of fishermen and other interested parties
  • Map out the available resources for fish and landing facilities as well as logistical challenges
  • Produce resolutions and contribute to the foundation of an interim company
  • Establish new projects and working groups within brand recognition and technology
  • Compile a quality manual
  • Prepare an application for the main project


  • The hypothesis that quality collaboration throughout the whole commercial chain can enable the building of a brand is confirmed
  • Bømlo local authority district has incorporated Young Coastal fishermen into its strategic commercial plan for 2011-2015
  • Cooperation with the local authority has been established through developing fishing harbours as well as improving landing facilities in the area
  • An interim board consisting of coastal fishermen will be named as applicant and owner in relation to any main project
  • Good applicability for other local authorities/regions

Contact us

Asbjorn Stavland, Senior advisor

Mobile: +47 951 46 623

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Young coastal fishermen