Experience Trillemarka

In summer 2012, the Trillemarka national conservation area was to be seen in a new light. The Royal Norwegian Society for Development helped hikers and cyclists to enjoy the area’s accommodation and experiences, as well as the “Trillemarka Rundt” cycle track.

Project background

The Royal Norwegian Society for Development was employed by the three local authorities Nore and Uvdal, Rollag, and Sigdal. The goal of the project was to put in place a concept for a new cycle track - “Trillemarka Rundt” - with activities and available facilities well signposted along the route, as well as a concept for the future marketing and operating of “Trillemarka Rundt”.

This is a good example of how the Royal Norwegian Society for Development employs its skills as a commercial developer of sustainable nature and culture-based experiences and tourist products.  By focussing to a greater extent on nature and culture-based tourism and unique visitor experiences, wealth creation through tourism and agriculture can be higher than it is today.

About the project

Altogether, some 20 bodies wished to take part in developing Trillemarka. These were divided into groups, in accordance with what they wanted to develop; products relating to accommodation and farm-based experiences, the forest around the conservation area or aspects relating to the “Trillemarka Rundt” cycle track.

In parallel with work relating to bodies offering new accommodation and experience-based attractions, the Royal Norwegian Society for Development has also worked with developing the “Trillemarka Rundt” cycle track.

Our contribution and role

  • Project leader
  • Identifying the wishes and motivation of individual actors for developing experiences
  • Contributed to choice of market, price setting, as well as sharpening the product definition in order to increase skills in respect of sales, marketing and market-based product development
  • Contributed advice in respect of provision for accommodation, food outlets, activities and attractions along the “Trillemarka Rundt” route


  • Marketing of Trillemarka through a website
  • 78-mile long cycle track - Trillemarka Rundt
  • Accommodation in the areas around Trillemarka
  • Cultural experiences such as the homes of well-known artists, exhibitions from past and present and buildings dating right back to the 12th century
  • There is a good selection of farm-based bakeries and shops, interiors, antiquities and local food along the route
  • Activities ranging from guiding in the landscape, exploring deep chasms, kayak rental to visiting an Alpaca farm
  • Several food outlets

Contact us

Carl Fredrik Pedersen, Senior advisor

Mobile: +47 474 50 578

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