National strategy for social responsibility in Romania

Together with the Association for Implementing Democracy (AID), the Royal Norwegian Society for Development carried out a two-year project with a focus on the environment and social development in Romania. As part of this project, key individuals in the public sector and in small and medium-sized companies received training in social responsibility.

Project background

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a matter of companies and organisations taking responsibility for the effect they have on people, society and the environment.

Romanian companies have a long way to go, not least in the areas of environment and climate. Romania struggles with enormous air and water pollution, and there has been a low awareness of responsibility for taking care of the environment - not least amongst business leaders.    

Through a Norwegian EFTA-financed project, and in close collaboration with the private organisation “Asociatia pentru Implementarea Democratiei” (Association for Implementing Democracy), the Royal Norwegian Society for Development contributed to the development of social responsibility in small and medium-sized business. The project placed particular emphasis on environmental aspects.

About the project

The Royal Norwegian Society for Development’s most important task in the project was to communicate knowledge and experience relating to CSR. This was done in the form of training key individuals in the public sector and in small and medium-sized companies. The Norwegian experience with White Paper no. 10 (2008-2009) on the responsibilities of the commercial sector in a global economy was also described in order to support the work of rooting the social responsibility of the corporate sector in the laws and regulations of Romania. Norwegian experiences and solutions played a central role in the work of developing laws and regulations that were appropriate to conditions in Romania.

Both the public sector and private organisations showed a great deal of interest in the issues, and the Royal Norwegian Society for Development’s approach to corporate social responsibility was well received as a part of a broad introduction of different interpretations and directions within CSR. This introduction was carried out as a preliminary, before more detailed discussion of concrete examples or cases. This helped to create a better starting point for the participants when they in turn were asked to assess their own relationship to social responsibility.

Our contribution and role

  • Counselling and training of staff and leaders in the private and public sectors
  • Preparing a draft for a national strategy for social responsibility
  • Preparing a user-friendly manual of social responsibility for small and medium-sized businesses


  • The project resulted in a national strategy for social responsibility (National Public Policy Document) that was approved by the Romanian government in September 2011
  • Practical manual for use in relation to international standard ISO 26000: Guide to social responsibility
  • Environmental effect - as a result of the project, a number of small and medium-sized companies have begun work on reducing their environmental emissions

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Strategy for CSR in Romania