Integration through job creation

The Royal Norwegian Society for Development is holding food qualification courses for individuals looking for employment in the food industry. The course has been put together particularly for immigrant women, who will, through theory and practice, acquire technical knowledge and improve their linguistic knowledge within the food industry. 

Background for the project

The Royal Norwegian Society for Development has developed and run a number of business-start-up courses and job-creation courses together with a variety of commissioning bodies. In 2011 we ran a specially-designed course relating to food, business start-up and job seeking, called “Rett fra Romsås”. This was a course for immigrants which formed part of Oslo’s Groruddal Project.

Food-qualification course

The food-qualification course “Matnyttig Skedsmo” is a course that has been developed and run in collaboration with the adult-education centre in the Skedsmo local-authority area. The course is suited to individuals wanting work relating to the production, processing, sale or retailing of food, but also for individuals who are considering setting up their own business within all or parts of the commercial chain: production, processing, sale or retailing of food.  

The course is planned such that it contributes to the goals for basic skills in Norwegian and mathematics for immigrants who are to apply for jobs in Norway.  

About the project

When we begin to work on a course we place emphasis on creating motivation, community and a positive attitude. This contributes to a good learning environment and to the establishment of new contacts and network.  We take into account that participants have different experiences and are in different life situations. For this reason, we emphasise individual follow-up and a unified approach. 

The Royal Norwegian Society for Development’s model provides a practical and theoretical approach to the challenges met by those seeking work or setting up a business; as such, working out a business plan is an important investment for individual course participants.  

Not everyone is planning to start up their own business. Several of the participants have ambitions to start work. We therefore emphasise aspects that are important in a job-seeking situation and we can provide help with practical preparations.

We collaborate closely with Skedsmo local authority, with the national employment agency NAV, with banks, accountants, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and others from whom it is natural to ask for input. 

The course also involves practical work in the kitchen with basic skills in respect of foodstuff groups, purchasing, handling raw ingredients, as well as preparing nutritious and good meals.  In the theory section, possible business ideas and calculations of purchase and processing costs are analysed. We also deal with key questions within finance and marketing, sales and service, nutrition and hygiene/IK food.

Our contribution and role


  • Responsible for courses – development and running
  • Theoretical knowledge and insights from relevant fields 
  • Advice, counselling and individual follow-up of participants


In collaboration with Skedsmo local authority, the goal is that course participants should be more relevant for work in the food sector and that as many as possible should find employment.

Contact us

Jorunn Tønnesen, Senior advisor
Mobile: [+47] 917 617 63

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Integration through job creation