We Seek to Address Gender Imbalances in Business Operations

Poverty is not just lack of financial resources or income, but also inequalities in access to and control over non-material and material resources available in any society. These can be rights, employment, information, natural resources, political engagement etc. Gender is one of the main determinants of inequality in access to, and control over, resources and benefits in the society.

In all our interventions we seek to address gender imbalances, by encouraging equal involvement of men and women in formal business operations, from production to decision-making and holding of leading positions. Often this requires particular focus on empowerment and capacity building of women.

To achieve this we will:

  • Work to ensure equal access by women to training and participation in local business development - with the aim of 50-50% women and men in project target groups
  • Increase competence in the development and structuring of value chains for the benefit of women and men
  • Contribute to gender balanced participation and control  of the value chain
  • Promote climate sensitive agriculture, aquaculture, and renewable energy as local business opportunities for both women and men
  • Promote organizational development with a special focus on strengthening of women’s participation, to ensure their voices and active participation in the
    development of producer-steered organizations and enterprises
  • Promote production activities that are profitable for both women and men
  • Include gender mainstreaming as a parallel process to all other processes during project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, control, evaluation and closure
  • Use professional internal human resources and appropriate manuals and systems on gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment
  • Collaborate with Norwegian and international specialists for support, competence up-dating and strengthening of target groups, partners and Norges Vel’s own personnel 
  • Operate in accordance with international agreements, national laws and local realities concerning women and gender equality
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Gender Equality/ Equity and Women's Empowerment