Food as souvenirs - Nordic Delights

When we are in France or Italy we often bring local delicacies back with us as souvenirs. The idea behind Nordic Delights is to give tourists to Norway and the Nordic countries the opportunity to take a taste of our country home with them.

Project background

From being a good idea, the Royal Norwegian Society for Development, with financial support from amongst others the Nordic Council of Ministers, has developed the project idea and led the project, which has also included Greenland, Iceland and the Faeroes. Nordic Delights is to have qualities like cleanliness, environmental friendliness, identity and good taste. The culinary souvenirs should contribute to pride in national and local food production.

About the project

It was very important to establish criteria for the choice of producers, as well as developing new products with appropriate pricing and quality. Workshops have been held in Norway, Iceland and on the Faroe Islands, in which products have been identified, in collaboration with producers, which can be potential culinary souvenirs. In addition, suitable existing products have been identified. Developing a common design, marketing material and display material have all been important. In the last part of the project, central issues have been establishing contact with potential sales outlets and getting a permanent sales channel in place.

Our contribution and role

  •  Initiative taker
  •  Concept developer
  •  Project leader for the Norwegian and Nordic project
  •  Establishing a permanent sales channel through Skald Norge
  •  Establishing contact with potential sales outlets


In Norway, more than 40 products have been approved as a part of Nordic delights. Skald Norge is now the distributor of the souvenirs and selected products are on sale on board the Hurtigruten coastal steamer, to members of "the Historic hotels and restaurants chain", to the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History and to other tourist establishments.

Contact us

Kari Clausen, Director of national development

Mobile: +47 915 53 501

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Food as souvenirs