Ethical guidelines

1. Gifts

Employees or elected representatives must not accept gifts in the form of services, money og objects which are linked to an expectation of any return services.

2. Representation and travel

Representation must always be appropriate. Expenses for travelling and subsistence will normally be covered by Norges Vel. It is unacceptable that this should be covered by any other part, linked to a possible expectation of any return services. Employees travelling for Norges Vel and their family members must always respect the laws, regulations, cultural codes, religion and other traditions of the country they are visiting.

3. Professional secrecy

All employees are bound to professional secrecy concerning trade secrets and information given to them in confidentiality. However, this does not apply to information containing illegalities. (Ref. paragraph 8 about whistleblowing)

4. Behaviour

Any form of sexual harrassment or purchase of sexual services, e.g. related to travelling in Norway or abroad, is unacceptable. This rule applies in all countries, even after office hours, as long as the employee is on duty. The same restrictions apply to improper use of alcohol. Use of narcotics or other illegal drugs is unacceptable. It is likewise unacceptable to drive a car or other motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. No one must use their position to achieve advantages in relation to – or to exploit – other employees or partners.

5. Respect and equality

In Norges Vel everyone is equal non-regarding their position in the organization, their gender, sexual orientation, echnicity, age, life stance or political preferances. All employees must be treated with respect.

6. Conflicts of Interest

An employee who because of his position raises question from any party about conflict of interest, must be considered as being in such a position. Whenever there is any doubt regarding conflict of interest, the closest superior shall be consulted.

7. Board Positions

Employees who are, or consider becoming, board members in commercial enterprises or other potential competitiors to our activities, must in understanding with his superior decide whether this is in accordance with our guide lines and the interests of Norges Vel.

8. Whistleblowing

Employees who reveal harrassment, experience improper practice or problems with dishonest (sub)cultures within our activities or obvious illegality in regard to Norwegian or international law, have the right to warn about this, preferably to our director or, when this seems impossible, to the Safety Officer. Whistleblowers have the right to special protection in accordance with regulations in The Working Environment Act.

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Ethical Guidelines