Establishing new businesses

On behalf of the Follo Advisory Board, the Royal Norwegian Society for Development has responsibility for the new business advice service in Norway’s Follo region.

Project background

For many years, our advisors have contributed to business development, nationally and internationally, by creating new, sustainable businesses. Our skills embrace every step along the road from quality assurance of the business concept to the choice of organisational structure when a new business is being established. 

Regarding the project

A core element in our approach is Osterwalder’s business-model canvas – an effective tool for advising those establishing new businesses and for creating acceptance and understanding of commercial contexts. Our approach is to convey and demonstrate theory and business modelling by means of practical examples; from theory to practice, from words to action. Our long experience of advising those establishing new businesses has shown us that this type of approach creates a deeper and better understanding and self-identification in the individual concerned.  

Our skills

  • Professional trade assessments, business-plan guidance, start-up advice and courses in various aspects of commerce 
  • Basic course focussing on choice of company form, formal requirements, taxation, personal rights, business law and commercial approaches
  • Module-based courses in:
    • Business modelling
    • How to write a business plan
    • Marketing
    • Sales and work to develop contacts

Contact information

Marius Sandvik, Senior Advisor
Mobile: +47 907 48 758

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Establishing new businesses