The Responsibility of Enterprises for Their Impact on Society

CSR is increasingly recognized as crucial for companies that aim at sustaining their business in the long run. Social responsibility is not only relevant for businesses, but also organizations. It is therefore at the core of Norges Vel’s values and activities. 

Based on an overarching CSR strategy, Norges Vel’s international department integrates social responsibility throughout its operations, in all its projects and in its relations with other actors, such as partners, clients and principals.

Norges Vel has been working with CSR since 2005, providing consultancy services on CSR to international and Norwegian organizations and companies. Most recently the tasks have been to develop CSR-related tools and CSR strategies for SMEs operating abroad. Since 2012 Norges Vel is managing the secretariat of CSR Norway, the national membership-based multi-stakeholder network for Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR Norway is the Norwegian national partner organization (NPO) of CSR Europe, the leading European CSR network based in Brussels.

As business is an important element in the solution to global social, environmental and economic challenges, CSR Norway are promoting CSR guidelines and tools in Norway and encouraging companies to integrate CSR into their daily operations, organizational culture and long term strategies. CSR Norway aims at becoming a leading network for CSR in Norway by providing guidance to companies and creating a common meeting place for businesses and their stakeholders to exchange knowledge and experiences.

To achieve this we will:

  • Further develop the CSR Norway network and offer relevant activities and tools that will help members tackle sustainability challenges within their spheres of interest
  • Expand the CSR Norway network by recruiting new members and effectively promote CSR values among increasing numbers of Norwegian companies
  • Initiate strategic partnerships with other networks and initiatives on CSR-related issues
  • Advise individual companies on how to start and implement CSR endeavors. This includes developing CSR strategies and action plans based on ISO 26000 Guidelines on Social Responsibility and guiding companies in sustainability reporting based on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines
  • Offer courses for companies and organizations, e.g. on GRI reporting and ISO 26000-based implementation of CSR in enterprises and organizations 
  • Arrange yearly CSR Awards to highlight and celebrate best practice CSR initiatives and encourage companies to take the lead in CSR through innovation and partnerships 
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Corporate Social Responsibility