Commercial development on the farm and new opportunities

For many farmers it is difficult to live off the proceeds of traditional farming. For this reason, the Royal Norwegian Society for Development has taken the initiative to provide courses for farmers in order to contribute to the continued operation of the farm by means of new farm-based commercial projects.

Project background

Norwegian agriculture is in change. Farmers need to constantly consider how they can live off the resources of the farm, either by expansion and increased efficiency of existing operations or by establishing additional income streams. There was therefore a need for a business-development programme directed towards exploitation of the farm’s resources.

About the project

A great challenge for many is that good ideas do not get implemented. During the course we go through the whole business-development process, right up to the point at which the application for finance is sent. Through six meetings in which theory, group work, sharing of experience and individual guidance are in focus, the participants are led from concept to completed grant application. The programme has been developed in close collaboration between the Norwegian agricultural advisory service and the Royal Norwegian Society for Development. The local agricultural advisory offices arrange the training programmes around the country.

Our contribution and role

  • Initiative-taker and course developer together with the Norwegian agricultural advisory service
  • Technical responsibility and lecturers on the courses


  • 11 programmes have been held around the country and several regions have held more than one programme
  • More than 100 participants have completed the course

Contact us

John Tingulstad, Special advisor

Tel: + 47 950 69 604

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Commercial development on the farm