Aquaculture-based business development
Agriculture-based business development
Clean and renewable energy

Norges Vel's International work is aimed to reduce poverty and to fuel local economic growth through local business development, mainly based on sustainable and climate-smart use of local natural resources. Our interventions shall contribute to increased income levels and employment in local communities.


Tanzanianske kvinner bruker biobriketter til matlaging på markedet

Sustainable business for female entrepreneurs

In Tanzania, Norges Vel is managing an environmental and business development project that contributes to incr...
Innhøsting av tilapia i fiskeoppdrettsdammer på Madagaskar

Sustainable fish farming reduces poverty

Norwegian aid to fish farming contributes to poverty reduction and food security in Africa.
Jose Luis Ramos er ny leder for Norges Vels kontor i Tanzania

New Norges Vel’s Resident Representative in Tanzania

- It is stimulating to have the opportunity of developing and strengthening Norges Vel’s work in Tanzania and ...